Baba Farid Group of Institutions persistently take inimitable steps to lend a hand to the students in expediting the erudition and value addition to their individuality & confidence to further ignite their passion to face day to day challenges more zealously. One of our sole efforts is to provide universal exposure to the students through BFGI's Annual International Festival, “VIBGYOR”. As the name depicts this fest offers motley of colors exhibiting an assortment of traditions all across the globe, folk as well as of up-to-the-minute technology with a pleasurable and fun part added to it. This fest strengthens global bonds among 10,000+ students from 25 Countries and 29 Indian states. BFGI strongly believes that diversity leads to innovation and extends a warm welcome to international students by organizing VIBGYOR.

Each year BFGI organizes the ebullient and vivacious International Festival of the region “VIBGYOR” at its campus situated in Bathinda, Punjab, India. The much awaited Annual International Fest “VIBGYOR” anticipates to horde the hard-hitting challengers from numerous universities & institutions across the globe to exhibit their talent in the down to wire events in various educative, artistic, vocational, cultural and technical competitions.

From the creativity of an artist to the innovation of an engineer, from the notes of an instrument to the words of a lyricist, from the intensity of a thespian to the pitch of a vocalist, from the strength of the healthiest bodies to the imagination of the wealthiest mind, from the catwalks and tap to sculpt from the scrap, from the foot tap of a dancer to the fingers of a programmer, from the race on the roads to the stunts in the sky this international fest fills the ingenious brains and passionate souls of spirited and strong willed students fraternity.

This Annual International Fest of BFGI is an incredible amalgamation of Science, Technology, Management and Art with the just right dose of entertainment by national & international celebrities by their exhilarating performances. The fest offers array of technical and non-technical competitions for students of all levels (Secondary, Senior Secondary, College, Diploma & Degree levels etc.). Students from IIT’s, IIM’s, NIT’s, Engineering Colleges, Business Schools, Degree Colleges and Schools from Nationwide participate in VIBGYOR.